November 7, 2012

"I'm left with only one conclusion: Paradigm's Millenia CT is exceptional." - Hans Wetzel, SoundStage!

In October, Hans Wetzel of SoundStage! did a tour of our factory here in Mississauga, Ontario Canada where he saw and heard our latest pride and joy, the Paradigm Millenia CT. We offered to send Hans a system to try out and he accepted without hesitation.

Now, just one month later, SoundStage! has published Hans' comprehensive review of the - as Hans put it - "cheeky little lifestyle system". A system that earned the 'SoundStage! Network Reviewers' Choice' award and one that Hans liked so much, he decided to buy and keep for himself!

On that note, here are a few spoilers from the review. But if you're in the market for an audio/multi-media system, we encourage you to check out the full review on the SoundStage! Xperience website...

You cheeky little lifestyle system, you
"Any thought of comparing the Millenia CTs to the Klipsches evaporated within seconds of my starting to play music through the Canadian system. The Paradigm system should not be compared to a 2.1-channel computer speakers system, or a generic lifestyle system, or even the excellent Audioengine A5+ powered speakers I so favorably reviewed earlier this year. It is superior in every way."

"This. Is. High-end." - Hans Wetzel on the Millenia CT
"There was a proper soundstage. Horns sounded like horns. Drums sounded like drums. There was a cohesive stereo image. The subwoofer played deeply and tunefully -- none of that boomy upper-bass garbage that many manufacturers try and peddle as "room-shaking"... This. Is. High-end."

"Perhaps more impressive than the vocals themselves was the fact that their timbres didn’t change as the volume increased. Even at the maximum volume I’m willing to play in my suburban apartment building without risking angering my neighbors, the Paradigms refused to distort -- a compliment to both the satellites and the amplifier driving them."

"In each instance, I was genuinely surprised by how much detail and clarity the Paradigms made available to me. I can’t overstate how accomplished the CT satellites were."

"Those considering a home theater in a box would do well to consider Paradigm’s 2.1 system... I’m left with only one conclusion: Paradigm’s Millenia CT is exceptional. This conveniently sized and carefully conceived system doesn’t merely hint at high-end sound -- it actually provides it. If what I’ve written thus far isn’t convincing enough, then perhaps my actions will speak more clearly: I’m buying my review sample."

We hear you Hans, thanks!

Click here! to read the Millenia CT review from SoundStage!
Click here! for more info. on the Millenia CT or to buy online.

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