May 7, 2013

"A Compact Canadian Masterpiece" - TONE Audio on the Paradigm Reference Signature S8 speakers

It's safe to say when a review starts off with...
"Spoiler Alert: The Paradigm Reference Signature S8s are amazing speakers that don't cost a small fortune. They offer performance way beyond what you'd expect for $8,998 a pair. Many of us know the Canadian company for its smaller speakers and great home-theater systems, but the Signature S8s have major audiophile cred."
... that it's going to be a good one!

And Jeff Dorgay's review of the Paradigm Reference Signature S8 speakers, was no exception. You can read the full review in TONE Audio Issue #54, but we can't help but share a few more quotes for you here.

"Serious five-figure performance without a five-figure pricetag"

Lifelike Vocals
"The beryllium tweeter and line-array-type configuration give the speakers a high degree of coherence, which is a major contributor to their ability to reproduce vocals—male or female—with such lifelike ease."

"The Ref Sig.S8s keep the driving disco beat firmly anchored without losing track of the seductive lead vocals, while also keeping all of the backup vocals sorted, as they pop in from all over the soundscape."

"...a great mix of vocal layers and spacey electronic effects zooming all over the listening room—further showcasing the fact that these speakers possess extraordinary imaging abilities."

"The S8 may have a relatively small footprint, but they are massive on quality."

Smooth Sailing
"...there’s loads of low-end rumble, but everything else is smooth sailing. If you really need to rattle the foundation of your house, or love your movies loud, by all means peruse the Paradigm catalog. However, most of us will be thrilled with the bass response that these speakers deliver."

"Major audiophile cred"
System Anchor
"Best of all, the high sensitivity of these speakers allows a wide range of compatible amplification, making them a fantastic anchor for your system."

Musical Finesse
"The amount of clean, undistorted sound these speakers produce is as impressive as the finesse with which they deliver it. These are far from just being rock-and-roll, brain-damage speakers. They do finesse as well as they do loud, making them a fit for whatever music you enjoy."

Small but Big
"The Ref Sig. S8s may have a relatively small footprint, but they are massive on quality... Don't let the compact footprint fool you: These slim speakers weigh 100 pounds each, so unless you turn green when someone makes you mad, get some help to unpack and move them into place."

Exceptional Value
"If you're looking for a pair of speakers that offer serious five-figure performance without a five-figure pricetag, consider the Paradigm Reference Signature S8s. In the scheme of today's wacky audio world, where $100k speakers are no longer rare, these are refreshingly great - and we are happy to give them one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2013."

Click here! to read the review in TONE Audio Issue #54.
Click here! for more info on Paradigm's Reference Signature S8.

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