May 10, 2013

"Today's Inspiration, Courtesy of Paradigm" - A teaser from SoundStage! on Paradigm's Inspiration

In a recent blog post published on SoundStage Global, Doug Schneider wrote a teaser about the out-of-box experience with his review set of 30th Anniversary Inspiration speakers called Today's Inspiration, Courtesy of Paradigm. Below we have shared some of Doug's comments and fun photos - enjoy and stay tuned for the full review!

"This morning my doorbell rang at 10:30 a.m. -- it was FedEx dropping off a pair of Paradigm Reference Inspiration stand-mounted loudspeakers. These aren't ordinary Paradigms, but a special anniversary model created to celebrate the company's 30 years of being in business. This and the floorstanding Tribute are the only two models in this line, and they're both being made in limited-edition runs..."

"You'd think that the first thing I would do is unpack the Inspirations and set them up in my listening room. You'd think. But what I did was immediately haul both boxes into the back of my Honda CR-V and drive to Canada's National Research Council (NRC) so that they could be measured in the chamber right away.

"After they were measured, I brought them home, but I still didn't listen to them right away. Instead, I set the pair up on the floor of my unfurnished living room (aka my kids' playroom) and shot pictures of them to show some of the features here."

Under the grill, pure-beryllium dome & black-anodized pure-aluminum cone
Top view of the beautifully curved cabinet with Dark Garnet Gloss finish

Included 'Thank You' letter reading "Here's to another 30 wonderful years"
Signed by Scott Bagby: Paradigm's founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board

 "The Inspiration is a really nifty speaker that certainly shares a family resemblance with Paradigm's other models, but it also has some features that no other Paradigm model has, including a special finish that the company calls Dark Garnet Gloss. Look for a full review of this speaker to show up in SoundStage! Hi-Fi in June."

We cannot wait to hear what Doug thinks of the Inspiration.

Click here! to read Doug's blog post & for the full photo gallery.
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