July 22, 2015

Everything Audio Network reviews the Prestige 15B and gives it "One Big Stellar Sound Award"

Everything Audio Network reviewed the Prestige 15B bookshelf speaker and gave it "One Big Stellar Sound Award"! 

"The Paradigm Prestige 15B compact small speaker is a serious audiophile speaker... Within 10 feet of the listening position, these speakers are extremely articulate with excellent stereo imaging and depth. Many of my reference hi-res tracks were impressively showcased through the Prestige 15B pair; many tracks sounded as good as through some $8,000 speakers I have tested... I can’t think of one negative about these speakers. One big Stellar Sound Award for a pair of impressive, small speakers." - John Gatski

Click here! to read the full review from Everything Audio Network.
Click here! to learn more about Paradigm Prestige 15B speakers.

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