April 25, 2016


How important is a subwoofer? Without a subwoofer, you have no Jaco Pastorius or Bootsie Collins, no exploding Death Star, and no cello concerto. So, for a full-spectrum dynamic audio experience, you really need to include a subwoofer in your listening plans. 

We love bass. We live for the lows. Being moved by big bass is fun. It gets everyone onto the dance floor (even if the dance floor is your living room) and it nails you to your seat during a movie. You need a sub. 

Don't have a sub yet? Don't think you have the room, worried about what the neighbors will think, satisfied with just your mids and highs? Take the jump and we'll show you three compact subwoofers made especially to fit the bass needs of smaller rooms and apartments, and more. 

We're Starting with the Bass Basics: Three compact subwoofers that will encourage you to add better bass to your favorite listening scheme. 

Cinema Sub

The Paradigm Cinema Sub is the sub you want if you're really "concerned" about room size and your neighbor's sleeping habits. That's really nice of you, to think of them like that. But, we warn you: A little bass goes a long way, and even this compact powerhouse puts out much more than "a little bass." The Cinema Sub, with its 8-inch high-excursion driver and 300 watts of peak high current amplification power, adds the impressive low end that's missing from a set of compact home theater speakers or a soundbar.

Monitor SUB 8

This is a compact subwoofer that doesn't compromise bass output or low-end extension even though it sits in a tiny footprint, under a single square foot of space! But with 900 Watts of clean peak power moving a durable 8-inch carbon-loaded polypropylene cone, Paradigm's Monitor SUB 8 turns any medium-sized room into a dance club, and adds tremendous impact to a small home theater system or soundbar. Paradigm's proprietary compact subwoofer designs incorporate intense fundamental research about how to generate hard-driving, low-end frequency response without succumbing to the usual small subwoofer issues. Monitor SUB 8 is a prime beneficiary of that research. 


Oommmm.... That's us, mediating on the only sub that gives you more placement options than your Ashtanga instructor has yoga positions. (What? You don't yoga?) This compact sub comes in at the high end of the Paradigm compact subwoofer assortment, but it's the most ingenious. It goes where no other subwoofer goes, under furniture or inside cabinets. It stands up, it lays down. Wired, or wireless. Flat against the wall or even hanging on the wall! A vibration-canceling bipolar Dual-Woofer design, with an astounding 900 Watts of peak power, in a stylish enclosure that's no bigger than a gaming console, the MilleniaSub makes the mind/body/bass connection like no other compact subwoofer. 

Enough sales talk!

We just want you to know your options.  

Next time, we'll get a little more technical about what actually "makes" great bass. It's not just low frequencies; it's a combination of FOUR important elements, all delicately balanced in a finely tuned machine. And we've had over 30 years to perfect it, so you'll want to stick around. 

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