April 27, 2016

"It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen and it definitely looks like it means business..." - Carlo Lo Raso

We are pleased to share a fantastic review of the Paradigm Prestige 2000SW that was just published! 

"A well designed and very attractive looking sealed subwoofer with an imposing 15-inch aluminum driver and a 2000-watt class D amplifier, the 2000SW is looking to be more than just a generic thumping black box in your living room. The addition of PBK also attempts to add a new level of integration and more consistent sound quality to the mix."

"The overall sound quality coming from the Paradigm subwoofer was excellent, particularly with music. It reproduced detailed notes and bass lines with resounding clarity and an admirable lack of distortion. For all practical purposes, one of the 2000SW subwoofers was able to produce more than enough output to energize my room, pretty effortlessly, down to just about 20 Hz before a fairly steep roll off of the signal. Although I’ve had subwoofers that have played flat down to about 10 Hz in this room, very few of them have sounded as clean as this Paradigm has in its given operating range." —Carlo Lo Raso

Read the full review from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, and visit our website for more information on the Prestige 2000SW.

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