November 30, 2011

"Good things really do come in small packages" - AVForums on the MilleniaOne & MilleniaSub

AVForums reviewed the Paradigm Reference MilleniaOne 5.0 speaker system paired with the MilleniaSub subwoofer and gave it their "Highly Recommended" stamp of approval. Read on for some great quotes...

Paradigm Reference Technology
"The Reference Series tech shines through with an enormously refined and detailed presentation, free of any undue emphasis of any part of the frequency range."

"Indeed, as you'd hope, the tiny cabinets are razor sharp at image placement. In stereo listening, the central vocals are etched in the centre of the soundstage, with no sense of the other performers, or instruments, being bound to the speakers".

Treble is very sweet indeed and remains so at high volumes, be that with music or movies. From natural sibilants on speech and vocals, to the sheen of a brushed cymbal or bullet casing, the S-PAL tweeter never breaks into sounding edgy or hard. This is natural detail and it makes for an easy listen over long periods".

"It is well matched to the midrange, which is uncommonly open and expressive. Again, it's clear that the mid/bass driver is a quality item, giving away nothing but size. In a small, extremely rigid and inert enclosure, this delivers very low colouration that conveys clear, intelligible and expressive speech and vocals, without muddle".

"Turning to multichannel and movies in particular, the synergy of five identical speakers is hard to beat and when it's one that images as well as the MilleniaOnes, you're laughing. The precision and coherence with which sounds transition across and around the sound-sphere is superb..."

"All of this is underpinned by the MilleniaSub, delivering the lows in a taught, tuneful fashion, down into the mid 20Hz region. This is in no small part due to the Perfect Bass Kit, tuning the room boom excesses out of the equation. The target response curve PBK tries to hit, also gently rises with descending frequency, which gives a very muscular balance to the sound, that remains potent at low levels. This, coupled with just the right amount of top end sparkle, gives the complete package a full sized warmth that is unusual in a sub/sat package".

"If you really must hide your subwoofer, there are few as potentially covert subs as this I can think of at the price or, and this is the crucial bit, still qualify as a real subwoofer".

"These are classy little satellites. Combined with the MilleniaSub, it's perfectly possible to talk about the presentation in terms of full sized loudspeakers, such is the cohesiveness. In fact, they do some things better..."

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