December 1, 2011

"The A2 offers genuine high fidelity... I recommend it without reservation." - GoodSound! on the Paradigm SHIFT A2

Brooke McClelland of GoodSound! reviewed the Paradigm SHIFT A2 powered speakers and gave them the "GoodSound! Great Buy" stamp of approval as well as an array of compliments. Read on for the highlights...

"I was more excited than I’ve been about a product in a long time. 

Acoustically speaking...
"The more I listened to the A2s, the more I appreciated just how balanced they were from top to bottom. No particular area of the audioband drew attention to itself; rather, the sound was evenhanded throughout. The result was a series of long listening sessions that never left me feeling fatigued."

"As impressive as the bass was, what really stood out was the precision of the A2s’ imaging. Small monitors have a reputation for good imaging, but even for small monitors, the A2s were exceptional in this regard...I could follow the sounds as they crossed the soundstage in a way that I’ve heard from very few other speakers."

"Also noticeable was a depth of soundstage not often heard from speakers in the A2’s price bracket. In a class where many speakers can reproduce little or no depth, the A2s performed exceptionally well."

"The A2’s treble offered impressive levels of detail and insight without ever sounding hard or fatiguing."

Technically speaking...
"From a technical standpoint, the Paradigm Shift A2 offers terrific value by combining all that a great passive bookshelf speaker offers with 50W of amplification, an active digital crossover with DSP, and unmatched flexibility that allows it to be used as a left, right, or mono speaker, as well as powering and housing an Apple Airport Express."

"All this technical innovation would be moot if the A2’s sound weren’t up to par, but this is where the A2 really excels. I can’t think of any similarly priced passive speaker that equals its overall performance. The DSP gives the A2 the deep low end of a bass-reflex design, but with the tightness of a sealed cabinet. The A2 offers genuine high fidelity in the form of a very balanced sound throughout the audioband that never left me feeling tired. Despite its affordable price, it has no significant shortcomings."

"This first offering from Paradigm Shift is true to its name. It does indeed embody a paradigm shift that other manufacturers can only strive to emulate. I recommend it without reservation."

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